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Preface ix

Acknowledgements xvi

List of Diagrams and Plates xvii

Abbreviation Code xviii

Introduction xix


Part 1

The inner contest: “Illfare”,Its purpose and transcendence


1.  An Initial Clarification of Ideas and Terms. 3

2.  Individual and World “Illfare”. 183. The Mystical Model for Psychopathology,

     (I) Introductory Evidence and Principles. 40

4.  The Mystical Model for Psychopathology.

     (II) Practical Details and Application. 63

5.  Short-Term Precognition, Time-Skills, and the World-Plan for Physical Events. 80

6.  A Firsthand Experiential View of “Multiple Personality” and Possession. 1027. Dream and Dreamlike States: Their

    structuring and Implications for

    Spiritual Development and Parapsychology. 127

8. The Mystical Way and Habitualisation of Mystical States. 140

    Summary of Chapters 1-8 186


Part 11

Groundwork of the unitive life

Ultimate and near-ultimate contests

Introductory Note on Ultimate Contests 192


9.   An Introduction to the Study of Female Sexuality and the Control Centres. 193

10. Towards Ultimate Sexual Identity and Bisexual Functioning. 215

11. Kinds of Authentic Sex-Coloured Loving. 229

12. Problems of Bisexual Development in the Personality. 250

13. Sexuality in the Unitive Life. 283

14. The Ultimate Contest and its Antecedents: An Autobiographical Account. 306

15. The “Scissors Murder”, (I) Adolescent Breakdown,Valium Influence, Depersonalisation, and Insistent Directive. 344

16. The “Scissors Murder”, (II) Psychiatrists and the Law:A Critical Study of Opinions and Handling of the Case. 392

17. A Case of Satanist Victimisation.

     (I) Introductory Studies. 425

18. A Case of Satanist Victimisation.

     (II) Analysis: Possession States and Derealisation. 446

19. A Case of Satanist Victimisation.

     (III) Background Beliefs and Arguments in the Court Hearings and Judgement. 495

20. Free Will, Responsibility and Punishment: Problems of Justice in the World. 527

21. The Roots of “Illfare”; Regeneration and Redemption. 544

     Summary of chapters 9 - 13 570

     Supplement A 574

     St. John of the Cross as a “Marial” Mystic.Supplement B 578

     St Thérèse of Liseux: Brief Description of a Contest of “Ultimate” Type.Supplement C 581

     Swedenborg: Concerning “Spheres” in the Other Life.Supplement D 584

     The Etiology and Practice of Modern Satanism: Researches of Gavin Ivey.


References 593

Name Index 603

Subject Index 609

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