Information on the book:

This volume follows up Volume 1 of Old and New Evidence on the Meaning of Life - 'An Introduction to Scientific Mysticism' (see back cover for details) - with a comprehensive study of individual character-development at all levels from the most mentally disordered to the most spiritually illuminated and fulfilling, always on a basis of first-hand experience. The evidence is by no means limited to this world observations and behaviour, but extends to states of consciousness in which personality-structure and non-physical beings in non-physical 'worlds' are known with high rating in a Scale of Reality.

Attention is given especially to 'ultimate' and 'near-ultimate' contests and habitual practices, leading eventually to the mystical transformation. The explanatory system presented involves, in particular, the fourfold 'creative' or 'learning' cycle (extended to sixteen on occasion) and the mystical view of personality structure (individual in charge, and contributory minds). These and other principles throw a flood of light on problems of psychological and mystical development, including those of sexuality at all levels up to that of the unitive life at supra-physical levels.

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